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Juvenile Consent to Search a Cellphone

This question comes from an officer in Kansas.  What are the requirements for consent to search a cellphone?  The situation was; several officers stopped some young kids that were suspected of throwing rocks from an overpass onto a car.  The officers noticed that they had cell phones, and they asked for consent to search the […]

Consent to Search by Co-Occupants

Today’s question is one that I get all the time around the country and it’s important. So let’s go through it.  Can you get consent to search a home from a spouse, even if the non- consenting spouse has left? The answer is, “Yes you can.”   You can use that consent even if there is […]

Denying Consent to Search

Here’s our question from an officer in Minnesota. Does denying consent to search also end the consensual encounter? All right, good question. If, during a consensual encounter, I asked for consent to search their bag, their person, their vehicle, and they deny consent, can I continue the consensual encounter to try to build reasonable suspicion, […]

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