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Single Purpose Container Doctrine

Today’s question is from an officer in Indiana; Would the single purpose container doctrine allow cops to search a vehicle’s hidden compartment?  The first thing we want to learn is: What is a single purpose container?  The single purpose container doctrine basically says that some containers, due to their shape, weight, size, material and the […]

Lawful Police Conduct During a Drug Investigation

Our question is: Were the police lawful during this drug investigation? This is a bit of a long fact pattern. There’s a lot to it so this is going to take a little longer than usual.  But isn’t that why we’re here, so I can dissect the legal issues that you are facing out there […]

Marijuana-Trained Canines After Legalization

Can you use a marijuana trained dog after your state legalizes marijuana? This question came from an officer in Kansas. The officer said, “Our department is implementing a brand new canine program. And apparently the dog is going to be proofed on marijuana. Now currently, marijuana is illegal in Kansas. So far, so good. But […]

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