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Body Snatching

Here is the question:  Can an officer reach slightly into a person’s home to pull them out and arrest them? If an officer has probable cause, but no arrest warrant, and the person opens up the door, they’re talking to the officer, and the suspect is just an inch inside his house, would it be […]

No Trespassing Signs

Here is a question that we frequently encounter:  Will a “No Trespassing” sign and a closed gate prohibit you from doing a knock and talk? Let me give you some context here.  Some deputies in a rural setting want to do a knock and talk on a burglary suspect.  They don’t have probable cause to […]

Tagging Abandoned Vehicles on Curtilage

This is a question that comes up a lot.  I’m being very proactive about this particular issue, which is;  Can police tag an abandoned or junk vehicle when it’s on curtilage? Okay, here is the scenario.  There’s a new ordinance.  This is comes out of the great state of Louisiana.  There’s an ordinance that directs […]

Back Yard Arrests

Anthony Bandiero here.  The question I have for you is:  Can officers go into the backyard when they’re serving an arrest warrant and not violate curtilage? The answer is, “Yes,” officers can do it.  And here’s why.  First of all, from the Supreme Court’s perspective, the back yard is typically treated like the home itself.  […]

Can Officers Lie During Knock and Talks?

The question of the day is: Can officers lie during a knock and talk? The answer is, “Yes.”  Certainly officers are not required to share all their inner secrets about an investigation with an occupant.  So that’s not a problem. Courts have upheld deception during investigations for centuries.  But I want to transition to another […]

Long Term Stay Eviction

LONG TERM STAY EVICTION Hello again.  This is Anthony Bandiero, attorney and senior legal instructor for Blue to Gold Law Enforcement Training, bringing a question from the great state of Idaho, which is going to be my future residence one day. This question is, “Can police evict tenants or occupants from a long term stay […]

Manipulation Rule Relaxed?

This question comes from an officer in Florida. And he asks,  “Have courts relaxed the manipulation rule under Terry patdowns?”  What the officer’s talking about here is a case that’s called Minnesota versus Dickerson, US Supreme Court. Basically what happened there was that officers patted down Dickerson and they felt an item in his pocket […]

S.W.A.T. In a Neighbor’s Backyard

Anthony Bandiero here to bring you another chat.  We’ve got an excellent question here from an officer in California.  The officer is basically asking, “Can police go into a neighbor’s backyard during a SWAT operation?” Excellent question.  So let me give you a little feedback about the scenario here.  During a SWAT operation, let’s say […]

Vehicle Search on Curtilage

We have a great question here today from an officer in the great state of Texas.  Alright, so the question is, “Can you search a vehicle on curtilage with exigency?” And let’s go to the scenario.  The officer is called to a noise complaint.  Upon arrival at a house, he sees a car in the […]

Processing Hotel Room Murder Scene

This question came from an officer yesterday in Jefferson County.  It was actually kind of interesting, because what she said was, they had a call for service at a hotel, and this guy died, or let’s just say this guy was killed in a hotel room.  Can we process that scene without a warrant? I […]

When Does a Hotel Room Become a Home?

Here is our next question: When does a hotel room become a home or an apartment? If a hotel room is actually constitutionally considered a true home, then you may not be able to evict the occupants without a traditional pre-approval. So let’s walk through this doctrine. Number one, hotel rooms are quasi homes, right? […]

Exigency to Remove Stolen Car from Driveway

This question comes from an officer in Missouri. Basically, the question is, “What qualifies as exigency when seizing a vehicle from curtilage?” The officer goes into, some of the videos I’ve done on this issue; Episode 60, 94, 106, 282 and 324. That indicates to me that this officer is a follower of the channel, […]

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