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What is the Cat Out of the Bag Search?

Today’s question is, What is a cat out of the bag search? This ties in with private searches. Just to remind you, a private search is not a Fourth Amendment search.  It does not have to be reasonable.  We don’t care if it would offend the Fourth Amendment.  If the police are not involved in […]

What is a Private Search?

What evidence can I use from a private search? Well, the short answer is: all of it. Here is why: a private search is when a person searches or seizes something and there’s no government involvement.  Now, the general rule is that if there is no government involvement, you can use any evidence that they […]

Seizing Evidence Obtained by Another Person

How can police seize evidence that was obtained unlawfully by another person?  Hello.  My name is Anthony Bandiero, attorney and senior legal instructor for Blue to Gold Law Enforcement Training.  This question comes from an officer in Miami. He says, ‘We went to a number one call for a domestic disturbance.  We’re inside the residence […]

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