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Bulletproof Report Writing

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8 Hours

Are you a law enforcement officer looking to improve your report-writing skills and produce legally defensible police reports? Look no further than our Bulletproof Report Writing course. Our training program is designed to help officers develop the critical articulation skills necessary to construct detailed and solid statements on encounters.

With the power to articulate, officers will learn how to write reports that discourage filings for motions to suppress evidence, encourage guilty pleas, serve as a roadmap for prosecution, and provide a basis to fully refresh your memory for trial. Enroll in our Bulletproof Report Writing course today and take the first step in mastering the art of report writing

Bulletproof Report Writing is primarily focused on training officers the required articulation skills that will help them construct legally defensible police reports. Officers need to produce detailed and solid statements on encounters that allow prosecutors to charge defendants without asking for follow-up information. The key ingredient is the power to articulate and officers will learn this vital skill.

Topics Covered/Overview


To teach students how to write a police report that causes the reader to believe that your actions were reasonable, appropriate, and defensible.


Students who complete the course will:

  • Discourage filings for motions to suppress evidence

  • Encourage guilty pleas

  • Serve as a roadmap for the prosecution

  • Provide for a basis to fully refresh your memory for trial

Training Modules

  1. Learn the Three Golden Rules of report writing.

  2. Explain the four goals of a police report, along with the eight audiences who typically read your reports.

  3. Learn straight-forward and effective report writing techniques, including:

    • Whether or not you should use CAPS

    • When to use paragraphs

    • Learn why a true professional writer uses topic headings to subdivide your report

    • When to use bullet points to make important legal conclusions

    • The value of identifying people by their role in the incident, not just their name

    • How to write short and direct sentences

    • Learn the seven elements of an effective synopsis

    • Describe how a true chronological report is written

    • Learn how to write a report summary (hint: it’s not like a college paper summary)

  4. Students will also learn how to articulate criminal elements in their reports, including two “hidden” elements for every crime

  5. Discuss how to effectively narrate on BWC without offending rules of evidence

  6. Learn the Rule of 5 for RS and PC articulation

  7. Learn how to “reverse engineer” case law in order to write better reports

  8. Explain how the importance of articulating legal conclusions

  9. Throughout the training students will do several engaging articulation exercises (this part is unique to our training)

Training Methods

Our training is high-energy, interactive, and not boring legal training!

All Students receive:

Certificate of Completion

Search & Seizure Survival Guide​

Meet your Instructor

Anthony Bandiero is the Senior Legal Instructor for Blue to Gold Law Enforcement Training. He is also a Nationally Certified Instructor, and many consider him to be one of the best legal instructors in the nation. He has studied constitutional law for over twenty years and has taught search and seizure to over 30,000 officers around the country.

Before teaching search and seizure full-time, Anthony was a sergeant with the Nevada Highway Patrol in Las Vegas, Nevada. His assignments included traffic enforcement, emergency driving instructor, and training supervisor. Anthony also has experience as a municipal officer with the Elko Police Department.

Anthony’s education includes a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Harvard University. He graduated from Gonzaga School of Law in Spokane, Washington, and is a practicing member of the Washington and New Jersey State Bar.


Aaron Garrett
Aaron Garrett
Fantastic and interactive training experience. I attend many of the live webinars often.
Christopher Pfannkuche
Christopher Pfannkuche
Great presentation on consent searches. Very informative. Love the examples!
sean thompson
sean thompson
What an absolute outstanding training group!!! They make search and seizure law so simple to understand, it allows you to get it right every time!!!! Wonderful - Wonderful folks at Blue to Gold!!!!
Timothy Bedker
Timothy Bedker
Great Class. No wasted time, great refresher.
Simeon Barker
Simeon Barker
Highly relevant training and engaging presentation of information.
Bradley Canterbury
Bradley Canterbury
Jake Chupp
Jake Chupp
I have personally attended in person courses and multiple on line classes and every time I learn something new. All the instructors have a passion for their job and a passion to empower and teach law enforcement officers. Their ability to teach, explain, and go in depth on the topics they cover goes far beyond any other classes I have attended. Blue to Gold has so many published books that individuals can order on line to progress their knowledge and ability to implement laws into their day to day application on the job. These courses, on line or in person, are must have for agencies all over country. Blue to Gold training has changed the way I operator in the field for the better. I would highly recommend their training to every officer or agency that I encounter. Blue to Golds footprint in law enforcement application should be rewarded in ways they never thought imaginable. Keep up the great work. They also offer search and seizure books for almost every state in the US if not all by now. Their Bullet Proof Report Writing book should be given out by agencies or police academy’s to every officer. Best training you will ever get.
In-Person, Live Stream, On Demand

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