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This presentation will cover five essential search and seizure doctrines, enabling officers to comprehensive grasp of the application of the Fourth Amendment. Officers will gain insights into the concept of “reasonableness” and its constitutional implications.

Length: 4 Hours

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5 Search & Seizure Doctrines Every Florida Cop Must know

Tuesday, December 19, 2023 @ 1 PM EST

This presentation aims to demystify the practical application of the Fourth Amendment by addressing five key questions:

1. The Actor: Who conducted the search or seizure? (Government actors only)
2. Protection: Is the area or object protected by the Fourth Amendment?
3. Defining “Search” and “Seizure”: Did a “search” or “seizure” occur?
4. Justification: Was the search or seizure justified by consent, an exception, or a warrant?
5. Preserving Evidence: Can other legal doctrines uphold evidence when justification is lacking?

In essence, this presentation provides a concise understanding of how the Fourth Amendment operates in practice.

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